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Well, maybe not a complete first, but a first for our little LLC. This is the first website we’ve ever put together to bring the various projects we are working on into one overarching area. ELJL itself has been around for over a decade, and while we’ve always been working on a variety of projects that fell under the umbrella of this company, they all had their own individual websites to support them so we didn’t see the need to have a dedicated space for our LLC.

So, What’s Changed?

Well, two years of a pandemic to start. It changes the way we see things and how we chart our priorities. The bulk of our work is, and will continue to be, focused on our other LLC, The BRIJE Group, which oversees our northwest-based design agency, Shop. Yet, Jill and I still continue to take on small independent projects through organizations in addition to the pursuit of a healthy amount of self-initiated work. These additional endeavors are all done under the berth of our original LLC, ELJL. So, it seemed the time was right to dress her up and give her the spotlight for a change.

What Can I Find Here?

This site is really the hub for the personal work and projects of creators, Erin and Jill Lynch. It additionally functions as the main company website for their limited liability company, ELJL.

Current & Notable Projects

You can find current and notable projects on the site, as well as links to both of our personal websites.

Corporate Information

The site also contains information about our limited liability company, ELJL; its history; and its owners.

Contact Information

We also have some forms for getting a hold of us. Collaboration, education, and mentorship are big parts of what we invest our free time in. Questions are always appreciated and answered. Collaboration is our jam (or jelly).

News, Articles, Updates

The blog will probably not be the most updated and relevant space on the website, but we do have news, short articles, and updates about the company that will be posted here as they come up.

Otherwise, welcome to our little slice of the hyper, meta, web 3.x…whatever they’re calling it this week.